Coastal  Erosion  in  Kanniyakumari  District

         Breakwaters like RMS walls & Groynes  are sea erosion control measures for maintaining seashores.

       Coastal length of Kanniyakumari district along Arabian Sea is 59 km and along Bay of Bengal is 11 km. RMS walls are almost constructed in entire length of sea shore of Kanniyakumari district which is comparatively & densely populated district in Tamilnadu and has valuable lands with roads along shoreline

        RMS walls are rubble mound flexible breakwater structures tends to settle down continuously due to scouring erosion. Moreover the stability of interlocking of heavy armour stones have been broken by knocking/impact of huge wave action during southwest monsoon period (May-September). Hence reformation of the existing RMS walls in sinked portions and reconstruction of RMS walls in the washed-off portions are essential. Latest approved drawing in vulnerable reach from Colachel to Poothurai is also furnished. 

         Groynes are proposed  to prevent heavy erosion indirectly  by depositing the beach sand carried by littoral drift parallel to the seashores (long shore sediment transport );Halting facility for fishing boats will additionally be created on eastern side due to tranquility condition, since impact of waves due to sea tides into the lands will be reduced by the projected head of Groins.                                    

         Anti Sea Erosion works are done in Kanniyakumari district for more than 30 years under state fund, HUDCO fund, 12 th finance commission and now under 13 th finance commission for which details are separately be enclosed.

          Total  value  of  Anti sea erosion works executed  in Kanyakymari district  from 2003 up to 31- 03- 2012 are Rs. 30.45 crores for  RMS walls and Rs. 40.97 crores for Groynes. Total  value  of  Anti sea Erosion Works in Kanyakymari district  under 13 th finance commission is Rs. 24.83 crores.                   

            Non-proper and timely Non–maintenance of RMS Walls during the past years leads to heavy damages/failures. A major hurdle in maintenance will be non-availability of equipment (like cranes) for replacing the damaged/displaced armour units (of about 2 ton weight). 

             Annual maintenance cost of RMS walls for 2 km length for every year  in Kanniyakumari District is worked out (at the rate of 2800 ton armour stones per 100 m length) as Rs. 2.73  crores which is required for maintaining the required profile of RMS walls and also for emergency maintenance works during huge tides.   Since rubble mound structures are continuously readjusted and displaced due to wave motion, the detailed working estimate for individual places/locations will be prepared after getting administrative sanction from Government as per actual during execution.

             List of proposals for 27 groynes, 19 RMS walls and 2 training walls for Rs. 250 crores under  TN VISION 2023 are also submitted for executing in 13 th finance commission, state fund, Japan aid, NABARD and the next 14 th finance commission.  

              Since IIT- Madras has given the consultancy report to Tamilnadu Government on Groyne-Field CONCEPT along Arabian coast (i.e) constructing a series of groynes and the  cost of groyne per 100 M. length is very high of about  Rs. 5 crores on comparing RMS wall cost is about Rs.40 Lakhs  per 100 M. length, Groynes & RMS walls are constructed based on the availability of funds.        

                                 Source:Executive Engineer, PWD.,WRO.,  Anti Sea Erosion Division, Nagercoil.  

Series of Groynes with Sand Deposit :

RMS Wall at Chinnamuttom, Puthenthurai, Kodimunnai, Thoothoor :


Details of RMS Walls & Groynes Executed (Size : 21KB)

Coastal Zone Management Plan Maps of Kanniyakumari District (Size : 8920KB, Language : Tamil)





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